As you can see in our “Portable Vaporizers” section, we have a bunch of great handheld pocket vaporizers. If you need a portable, and at some point we are sure you will get one, then click that section and read our reviews. However if you are looking for a more substantial cannabis vaporizer, that has better temperature accuracy and a bit more durability, then read on.
As mentioned before, all of our reviews of these vaporizer pipes focus on a few key elements, like the quality of the vapor, the build quality of the vaporizer, the quality of the accessories and instructions, whether it’s a handheld vaporizer or a home, plug-in type.
Generally speaking it is hard to get the pocket vaporizers to perform quite as well as the plug-in vaporizers, and this should not come as a surprise. As they continue to squeeze the size of these handheld vaporizers smaller and smaller, sacrifices are made. The portable power source also plays a factor here, batteries and butane have their limitations on the vaporizers ability to achieve and maintain the proper vaporizing temperature for the weed. Plug-in vaporizers don’t have to make these sacrifices and therefore don’t have these limitations. So, enjoy these reviews and enjoy your time experimenting with the cannabis vaporizer you chose.

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