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We are going to tell it to you straight. Our vaporizer testers/reviewers are real world people like you. They go to concerts with the pocket vaporizers. They sit at home with friends with the larger, plug-in vaporizers. When they compare and contrast the plug-in models with the handheld vaporizers, they try to be conscious of the differences in design and function. In our reviews of these top rated cannabis vaporizers, we try to give you both the good and the bad. We dig deeper that reviews found on other vaporizer weed sites, and certainly deeper than on the actual vaporizer manufacturers site. We start with the most important thing of all, how well does it actually achieve vaporization at the correct temperature, and how long does it hold this correct vaping temperature. Then we move on to the power supply. If it is an electric handheld vaporizer, how much actual use will you get out of a full battery? How is the vaporizer pipe constructed? Is it durable enough to take life’s knocks, and drops? Is the vaping chamber glass, ceramic, or metal? Is there any glue used that can sometimes overheat and become part of the cannabis vapor that you are inhaling? When our guys take the pocket vaporizers to festivals and parks, or any outdoor event they check to see how concealable it is, and also how easy it is to use in a stealthy way. We take a look at the accessories that are included with each vaporizer pipe. We look at the quality of construction of these and find out how easy it is to get replacement parts. Sometimes it’s all in the instructions. Some of the manufacturers do a great job of providing instructions for using and cleaning each vaporizer pipe, and some are a little lacking. Some have videos on their websites with very helpful instructions and vaping demos and some direct you to videos that are posted on YouTube. Some of the plug-in and handheld vaporizers come with warranties and we try to comment on that when we can acquire the correct helpful info. We have also decided to sell the Vaporizer pipes that our reviewers have given the thumbs up on, and they can be purchased through our secure shopping cart. We are continuously reviewing vaporizer weed units and will post more reviews from time to time, so check back and in the mean time, enjoy vaporizing weed:-)